The Excel-lent TPP Timeline

TPP Conquest

Lady Abin III founds the first Church of Dome in Ransei. A rival Helix church is soon set up; the Fossilist religion family is born.

TPP Platinum

Napoleon invades Sinnoh, making it a Kalosian colony.

TPP Omega Ruby

Artemis Haze XII installs an adorable absolute monarchy over Hoenn.


Red spreads the word of Helix around Kanto, becoming the first possessed by the voices in their timeline.

TPP Crystal

AJ Dinnow, an edgy skeptic youtuber, journeys all the way to Mt. Silver to debate Red.

TPP Anniversary Red

Oak tasks Abe with completing the Pokédex, the last attempt having been a failure.

While working on an encryption process, Bill accidentally randomises the entire Pokémon population.

TPP Touhoumon and Moemon

Side-effects of the randomizer include many humans gaining Pokémon-like traits, and vice versa.

TPP FireRed

While the rest of the world is in a frenzy, Alice institutes a commulist regime over Kanto.

TPP HeartGold

Aoo defeats Alice's regime, at least in Johto. Meanwhile, the Fossils team up to attempt defeating Bill...

The randomiser remains activated/The randomiser is deactivated

TPP Brown

Paul takes an absurdly long time to deliver a pizza to Mura.

TPP Alpha Sapphire

Nina does some complicated Dusk Key lore stuff.

TPP Prism

Lance and Cyan have been exiled to Naljo after Alice took over.

TPP Randomized Platinum

Pepe runs for President of Sinnoh.

Cyan catches Phancero/Cyan doesn't catch Phancero

TPP Emerald

What's better than communism? Anarcho-communism.

TPP Anniversary Crystal

Evan is tasked with completing the Johto Pokédex. Meanwhile, Olden begins to warp reality.

TPP Black

The voices decide to humour Jimmy, a young fan of theirs.

TPP Dark Greystone

TPP-Sim, an artificial Host for the Voices to inhabit, is developed; it becomes obessed with coffee due to being programmed in Java.

TPP BlazeBlack 2

Cly takes on the World Tournament to become famous.

TPP Ultra

In a botched attempt at time travel, Pepe travels between dimensions.


Li'l D becomes a model a supermodel the greatest fashionista known to mankind.

TPP Vietnamese Crystal

Baba travels around Johto to raise awareness of Moemon rights. Unfortunately for her, Olden is busy destroying the English language.

TPP Blazed Glazed

Honey stars switching dimensions for some strange reason, and seeks the legendaries to figure it out.

TPP Chatty Yellow

A scientist-turned-Chatot attempts to stop Olden via X-MAN, an earlier version of the TPP-Sim.


Nigel Farage stops Kukui from installing an Alice-friendly socialist regime.


In a last-ditch effort to stop Olden, Baba nukes all of Johto and Kanto. Fallout carries over to Orre...

TPP Waning Moon

Devin Yates and his army of birds campaign against #Alexit.

TPP Colosseum

Team Snagem makes cuts to their staff after the fallout; Arizona gets a new job as a professional edgelord journalist.


Alpha comes to the realisation that, maybe, instead of writing hit pieces about Team Snagem, it might be better to just fight them.
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